What is Yoga Certification Course ?

Yoga teacher training is the training of teachers (and private trainer) of yoga as exercise, consisting mainly of the practice of yoga asanas, leading to certification. Such training is accredited by the Yoga Alliance in USA, by the British Wheel of Yoga in the United Kingdom, by the BDY in Germany, and by the European Union of Yoga across Europe. The Yoga Alliance sets standards for 200-hour and 500-hour Recognized Yoga Teacher levels, which are accepted in America and other countries.

What better place to learn how to educate yoga than India, the motherland of yoga? A yoga teacher training in India will give endless openings to connect with people. It'll allow you to consolidate your practice and to accumulate the knowledge demanded to come a yoga teacher. India is known for being a veritably affordable choice as some of the cheapest yoga teacher training courses are held in India.

Why do yoga courses ?

The Yoga teacher training courses will help you to gain a deep experience of the conception yoga training. Yoga teacher training program will prepare the practitioner physically as well as mentally for the integration of their physical, emotional, internal and spiritual capacities.

● Improve your practice
● Focus on you
● Get in shape, feel Good
● Broaden your understanding of yoga practices beyond physical poses
● Explore yoga philosophy
● Cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships, You look at other people in a new way
● Accelerate transformation in your life
● It’s the ultimate flexible-working life, You don’t need to worry about work-life balance.
● Dive deeper into something that learn to teach
● Receive personal attention
● You love yoga

As health and wellness take center stage in the post-COVID world, Yoga has emerged as a popular lifestyle choice. With this, there is a strong demand for Yoga professionals and trainers to help people.

How to choose the right training ?

There are a few questions to ask yourself when it comes down to the type of training you enroll in. Firstly, what style of yoga or training do you want? Is it a style of Yoga, be it Ashtanga, Vinyassa or Hatha, or a certain training focus - an alignment focused or philosophy based training for example. Research, read and ask for advice from yoga teachers that you trust.

Next up - Who is the teacher? It’s great if you have practiced with the teacher before so you have a relationship with them already and know you like their style. This could be your local yoga teacher is hosting a training or if you have travelled abroad and discovered a teacher that you completely clicked with. It is so important to resonate with teacher and their style of teaching. But equally if someone has come highly recommended to you by someone you know and love, that’s great too.

Then think about: what type of experience do I want? There are so many TTC available that where and how you train is up to you. Do you want to combine your training with an adventure to another country for a fully immersive experience? Intensive trainings are great if your lifestyle supports you being able to take off for a month. Or is a part-time course that runs alongside your day-day life more suited to your needs?

This is your journey so it is important to really know your intentions for the training. Write them down, sit with them, meditate on them…. And then start the research!

Why to choose Gyanish International Academy of Yogic science ?

In our yoga teacher training school we focus on the schedules and their follow ups. Individual attention is given properly regarding to the students’ needs and sharpening of their yogic skills.All of our instructors are certified with at least 500 hours of teacher training – and many have over 2000 hours!

We are continuously improving our methods and techniques of sharing knowledge and reaching to the seekers.Students of every walk of life are welcomed and propelled. All the students are treated equally; all get fair chance to come forward and take a lead.

We always believe that walking the path of yoga is more meaningful when others walk the path with us. The bonds that are created during teacher training last a lifetime. Immerse yourself in community and deepen your connection with Breathe, our teachers, and fellow students.

Career opportunities after Yoga Certification course ?

The job roles in Yoga offer you a chance to try something different and also help you to enhance your profile.

After completing the Basic/ Professional teacher training certification course in yoga sciences, a student can look for jobs in the following areas:

● National Trainers
● International Trainers
● Yoga Teacher
● Therapists

You can also run your own Yoga studio after completing Master Yoga teacher training course.