About Gyanish International Yoga Training Academy

In Gyanish, Gyan means know and Ish means self i.e. know yourself. Mr. GyanAcharaya, the founder of Gyanish Fitness Private Limited.Gyanish Fitness Private Limited was registered incorporation as company in 2 December 2015. There are 3 branches situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has collaborated with many other companies and has given affiliations to many other companies. Company has organized many workshops and camps in hospitals, schools, corporate company, bank, college and in army, air force and police cants. Up till now 120 workshops and camps have been organized by our company. And company has trained around 50 Yoga teachers and has given then a huge platform. Currently around 30 teachers having degrees of yoga are working in our company. And company gives campus placement to top international yoga universities students having graduations and post- graduation degree. This is the only company all over India which is having highly qualified yoga teachers. We provide best yoga services in all over Ahmedabad.

Company works on Hatha Yoga which is done in modern and in traditional way. Our aim is to provide complete holistic health. Our aim is to introduce the benefits of yoga to the people directly or indirectly. We want to introduce different types of yoga to people. Our trainers are friendly with the clients and explain about the uses and benefits of any Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Bandha and diet in lifestyle. Our main aim is to give platform to all the people who want to achieve something in this field.


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About Director

Yoga enhances your life.

Gyan Acharya, the founder and director of Gyanish Fitness Private Limited. In 2012 he have completed their M.Sc in yoga science from Dev SankritiVishvavidhyalaya, Haridwar. He have conducted many workshops in all over India during their education time. After completing M.Sc he came to Ahmedabad and started taking classes of yoga. In 2015 he have started their own company name Gyanish Fitness Private Limited. He also guide other yoga studios and their are many studios working under him.

His aim is that people should know themselves, they should know about there internal energies and power. People should know themselves and by knowing themselves they can serve to their families, to the nation and to the other countries too. The energy given by the god to the human should not get wasted but it should be utilized.